Live Shows

At SheridanLife Radio, we aim to have diverse content made by and for Sheridan students! Here's our LIVE lineup so far: 


Ambient Encounters

Hosts: Dame Cook & Matt Clark
One hour of live music mixed on the air with the occasional live performance.

TUESDAY - 3:30 PM 


The Rebuild

Hosted by: Phil Caron
Keeping you updated on all things Toronto Maple Leafs with a variety of guest hosts discussing the hockey scene.

1:00 PM-2:00 PM


Sam Stays Inside

Hosted By: Sam Whelan Sam Stays Inside is all about music. From artists that have a few plays on Soundcloud to those who are about to hit the mainstream, we cover them all on the show.

Each week Sam plays different artists from 2 – 3 every Monday. Be sure to check out his album reviews from artists he has been listening to recently, as well as an album forecast, for albums coming out each week.

MONDAY - 2:00 PM- 3:00 PM


Coming Soon

These shows will on the airwaves soon!

Bruins All Access

EDM Universe



Check out Sheridanlife Radio's podcasts below!


Feature: Ice T with Your Vice P

This month Cory is joined by your Davis Vice P Azhar, alongside Davis Club's Coordinator Deb and Trafalgar Promo Lead Kyle, to talk about relationships. Whether its your family, friends, or romantic partners, these relationships can have a huge impact on all aspects of our lives. Let’s talk about what these relationships mean to us, through the good, the bad, and everything in the grey.


Cinema from the Spectrum

Your guide to the cinema from the eyes of autistic individuals as hosted by Jaime Rebanal - dedicated to emphasizing perspectives on cinema that are often unheard of when discussing even the most popular films.


Foodie Facts

I’m Emmy and I’m a photography student from Guyana, South America! I love taking photos and listening to music, but i also absolutely love food. I’m a huge foodie at heart and so that’s why I have this podcast “Foodie Facts.”

Here I just talk about all sorts of foods and the different ways they’re used in various countries and cultures. Each episode I focus on a specific theme or food, and having a multicultural background with the Caribbean, the Americas and Eurasia allows me to not only share interesting recipes but also my personal food stories with all of you guys! So listen in to hear more about awesome foods and even some desserts!


Life Business Radio

In this show we discuss weekly business news and the markets with a side of politics and a weekly guest. 


A Look Back: Double W                

Controversy and more in the video game world. 


The Interview Series

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 6.07.09 PM.png

The Animation Interview

We got the chance to sit down with our incredibly talented animation students!


Coming Soon

These podcasts are coming up soon!



Coming soon…


The Daring Adventures of Crash Murphy

Coming soon…

christian-wiediger-622476-unsplash (1).jpg

Movies and So Forth

Coming soon…



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We would love to see (hear) you later! 

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