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Cinema from the Spectrum

Your guide to the cinema from the eyes of autistic individuals as hosted by Jaime Rebanal - dedicated to emphasizing perspectives on cinema that are often unheard of when discussing even the most popular films.


Foodie Facts

I’m Emmy and I’m a photography student from Guyana, South America! I love taking photos and listening to music, but i also absolutely love food. I’m a huge foodie at heart and so that’s why I have this podcast “Foodie Facts.”

Here I just talk about all sorts of foods and the different ways they’re used in various countries and cultures. Each episode I focus on a specific theme or food, and having a multicultural background with the Caribbean, the Americas and Eurasia allows me to not only share interesting recipes but also my personal food stories with all of you guys! So listen in to hear more about awesome foods and even some desserts!


Double W