Flashback to Frosh with Elmira


My name is Elmira Persaud and I am currently a Photography student here at Sheridan. Last year I decided to join the Radio Club and, fast forward to present day, now I am basically a photographer turned food podcast host turned music journalist! Thanks to Sheridanlife Radio, I got the amazing opportunity to interview the Kents and the Valley during Frosh. I have to admit, at first I was pretty nervous, but with the help and preparation from team leaders Amelia Sher, Tyler Bogaert and Hannah Kryvun, everything flowed smoothly.

Interviewing the two bands was an amazing experience; they made me feel extremely welcome and were eager to engage in our conversations. I learnt more about their musical journey thus far, and how they perceive the college musical scene. As with everything else in life, the groups expressed that along the way they had ups and downs, but in the end it is always a learning experience. Passion, hard work and building healthy relationships are key to achieving your goals. Both bands definitely agreed that performing at college venues is always a blast, and the energy encountered is never a disappointment, especially at Sheridan!