AMelia Sher

Program Director

Hey, I’m the Program director at Sheridanlife Radio. I have previously interned and worked as an associate producer at CBC Radio.  I am also a proud Sheridan Alumni from the Media Fundamentals and the Journalism program. My hobbies include Krav Maga, podcasting, being outdoors, sports and running. I also love a good movie or song. 

My goals for Sheridanlife radio are to continue to build our legacy within and outside of the walls at Sheridan. I love my job and I love working with our students who enjoy creating content just as much as I do. It is an incredible feeling to hear from our SLR alumni who have gone on to do incredible things in the radio/media industry. Let’s make Sheridanlife Radio bigger and better together!



Technical Director

Radio came into my life when I least expected. I am a former Bachelor of Film and Television student from Sheridan College, where sound was my primary focus of study. By the time I was in second year I was freelancing in front of house sound. I knew then that the career path I wanted to take was in sound and music. Then the best of both worlds came my way. In the final year of my degree,  SheridanLife Radio was getting it’s feet off the ground and I was hired as the Technical Director for the station. 

Upon graduation, I continued to freelance in sound for both, front of house and film and television as well as work for the station. Fast forward a year and all of a sudden I was working at the station and for a record store, so music and sound was all around me. 

My experience in sound and playing actively in bands since high school has helped me to gain the experience I needed to be successful in radio and work with the SheridanLife Radio team to serve the students and launch a successful radio station. 

Faculty: Jack Urowitz & Alan Flint

Technologist: Nik Clarke 


Supported By: Sheridan Radio Club
Sponsored By: Sheridan Student Union