AMelia Sher

Program Director

"I pretty much love all things radio. I studied Media Fundamentals  and am now fresh out of the Journalism Program here at Sheridan. I completed an internship at CBC and occasionally temp there. I am eager to continue to bring an amazing new service to the students and community here. I love podcasts, music, film, and media in general. I want to bring a fresh edge to Sheridan Life Radio and truly be here for students; our innovators and creators. Let's make something beautiful and audibly intriguing happen!" 

Philippe Caron

Club Vice-President 

"I have studied at Trebas Institute for Film & Television production. I am into sports, music, hanging out with friends and family. I just graduated from the Media Fundamentals program and am excited to take journalism in the fall. I would like to get the community more engaged in news, sports and other community events. With high energy and professionalism, I will strive to make even the average radio listener want to tune in!" 



Technical Director

" I am currently in my fourth year of the Bachelor of Film & Television here at Sheridan with my primary focus being on sound. On top of that, I freelance in live sound production and am also a musician. So, working in radio seemed like a natural fit. I am extremely excited to be working with the SheridanLife Radio team and hope that in my position, I can add to the quality of the station and help deliver a radio station that is both enjoyable and beneficial to students"


Hannah Kryvun

Club President 

"Well, hello there! My name is Hanna Kryvun and this is the place where'd you know a little bit of the life I'm living in. Despite the boring fact that I am almost 20 years old, for the time that's passing around, I've had some quite interesting achievements. Besides finishing a regular high school with honours, I also managed to graduate from 4 more schools such as School of Journalism, Musical School, School of Art and School of Policy Debate. During last 2 years of High School I've become a president of the school and had to take over a school newspaper as an editor. Although both journeys were as beautiful as they were exhausted I've always had enough time to take a minute for a cup of milk tea. Even though a cup of tea made with milk might sound strange it is actually pretty tasty. Moving on from the drink, I'd like to tell you some hobbies of mine. I'd love to draw and sing sometimes when I'm happy, and write some story-poems when I'm sad or even play guitar along with piano to show a music of the depth. But the most enjoyable hobby among all of the above someone once named travelling and it is surely the greatest one of them. It took me 8 years to visit 20+ countries and I hope that the number will increase as the days will come by. I believe that whoever read this will find some interesting moments in there for him- or herself for us to be somehow related."


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